Large Free Form Black Walnut Table with Lots of Flame


Vintage slabs of “book-matched” Black Walnut were used to create this exceptional one-of-a-kind table. The top is made from the two center cuts of a massive Pensylvania Black Walnut tree trunk. The two slabs were “butterflied” creating a symmetrical table top. The highly figured woodgrain shows lots of fire and flame in a perfectly symmetrical pattern!

The two legs are also a book-mached pair of Black Walnut flitches. This collapsible table assembles in 2 minutes by inserting and locking the massive trapazoid shaped stretcher into the trapazoid shaped key holes in the legs!

The “live edge” of the actual tree is preserved for an organic free form.

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Place of Origin: United States

Date of Manufacture: 2010

Period: 21st Century

Other Characteristics: Solid vintage Black Walnut. The perfect satin finish was acheived by wetsanding between more than a dozen applications of a Linseed Oil & Polyurethane mixture. A very tough and forgiving Finish!

Condition: Perfect.

Dimensions: 30 in.Hx120 in.Wx60 in.D
76 cmHx305 cmWx152 cmD

Dealer Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dealer Reference Number: TT10


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