Bedside Cabinets in Solid Walnut


Nightstands based on 1930’s Italian design in solid 8/4 walnut with premium satin finish and glazed silver leaf base. The push-to-open, push-to-close hardware is state of the art and eliminates the need for pulls on drawer.

We can reproduce these cabinets in any size, choice of wood or finish! Sold individually.


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Place of Origin: United States

Date of Manufacture: 2010

Period: 21st Century

Materials and Techniques: Silver Leaf

Other Characteristics: Solid 8/4 walnut, premium satin lacquer finish. Silver leaf.

Condition: New, immaculate finish.

Dimensions: 29 in.Hx26 in.Wx19 in.D
74 cmHx66 cmWx48 cmD

Dealer Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dealer Reference Number: BC2


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